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Kids Shows - Wow Wow Wubbzy!

Wow Wow Wubbzy!

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Kids Shows - Dinosaur Train

So, I'm going to share some of the kids shows and stuff I got, converted to save space and play wonderfully on an iPod or iPhone. Better on an iPod, but would work just as fine on an iPhone. It's a bit of a change from what's usually posted here, but since I couldn't find any sites offering something like this, I thought it'd be cool to share with other parents. Can't say how much this has helped make the wait at a doc's office bearable, or any other place you end up waiting with the kids. Anyway, enjoy!

To slap onto an iPhone, all you gotta do is drag the file into the "movies" section of iTunes, and when you sync your iPhone, click to see your iPhone view, click the "movies" tab, and checkmark the ones you want to sync onto your phone.  Don't know if you noticed, but if you dl a TV show through iTunes, you can't put 'em on your iPhone for some reason. (Dunno if you all had the same problem, but it tells me it didn't add because it's not viewable on your phone or something.) Anyway, this does work for me, so I hope to pass on this enjoyment to all of you!

On another side note, the episodes are pretty haphazard being that these were the only ones I could find to dl on random sites. Feel free to add links to complete the series if you got 'em! (I can convert to iPod/iPhone file...)

For those technically inclined, files are mpeg4, 24fps, 320x240 in .m4v format.

So, starting with one of my boys' favorites...

Dinosaur Train

S01E01 - Valley of the Stygimolochs / Tiny Loves Fish
S01E03 - Beating the Heat / Flowers for Mom
S01E06 - Fast Friends / T.Rex Teeth
S01E07 - Now With Feathers / A Frill a Minute
S01E08 - One Big Dinosaur / Play Date with Annie
S01E09 - Armored Like an Ankylosaurus / Campout!
S01E10 - Laura the Giganotosaurus / Dinosaur Poop!
S01E12 - Derek the Deinonychus / Don's Dragonfly
S01E13 - One Small Dinosaur / T.Rex Migration

These are all the episodes I could find...

Ongaku Street Successor

So, not long after the fall of the Street, much props go to evilmrsatan for creating Ongaku Revival. More music for your sharing pleasure! Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there for any who decide to read my posts!


Saraba da Ongaku Street

As most of you well know, our beloved Ongaku Street had to be removed. I won't get into specifics, but you know how these things go. Good luck in all your J Hip-Hop & Reggae sampling and sharing endeavors. Looks like the Street got quite a bit bigger than I ever meant it to be. It sure was fun while it lasted, and I hope all of you were able to enjoy community while it was in it's prime. I'd just like to thank everybody who were contributing members and hope something new comes up! Aloha!


Fishmans - Kuuchuu ~Best of Fishmans [2 Discs] [2005]

Disc 1 (Best Tracks)

1) Running Man
2) Go Go Round This World!
3) Chance
4) Pokka Pokka
5) Baby Blue
6) My Life
7) Weather Report
8) Wasurechau Hitotoki
9) Subarashiku Nice Choice
10) In the Flight
11) Season
12) Hikouki
13) Kansha (Odoroki)
14) Ikareta Baby

Disc 2 (Rare Tracks & B-Sides 1987-1994)

1) Blue Summer (Demo 1987)
2) Piano (Demo 1990)
3) Hikouki (Studio Demo 1990)
4) Little Flapper (Sg. B-Side 1991)
5) It's Be Alright (Sg. B-Side 1991)
6) 100 Milli Chotto no (Rehearsal 1991)
7) Ano Musume ga Nemutteru [P.M.W. ver.](Sg. B-Side 1992)
8) Nantetta no [Hakase Mix](Unreleased Outtake 1992)
9) Aozora no You ni (Sg. B-Side 1993)
10) Ikareta Baby (Demo 1993)
11) Blue Summer [Live Ver.](Sg. B-Side 1993)
12) Bananamelon (Beikoku Ongaku 1993)
13) My Life (Demo 1994)
14) Sukuwareru Kimochi [Live Ver.](Sg. B-Side 1994)
15) Niyabighi Baby (Analog Melody 1994)

This is one of my favorite bands of all time. This best of album is highly recommended, especially if you're going to give them a try. A very unique sounding group.... Haven't heard anything like their sound before. I have a bunch of their songs, but they're all unorganized and don't have the titles or anything. I'll up them upon request, but for now, I'm still trying to figure 'em out... 

Enjoy! All comments on what you think of these guys are appreciated!

[J-Other] Mariku's Yoko Kanno Best of

 Mariku's Yoko Kanno Best of

1) Fly up in the air ~Tension~
3) Kamui
4) Vatican Dance
5) Ibarinbou Apollo
6) sacred terrorist
7) Smile
8) Break Out ~Cantabile~
9) brown horses
10) Sold Your Soul
11) high spirit
12) Big Boys
14) Vector Return
15) Arashi
16) Valse de la Lune
17) 12 Years
18) In no Piano

For fan's of Yoko Kanno's works. I got this off of a torrent, and not sure if it's an actual album or someone's faves.  Anyway, nice lil collection here so enjoy and comment!
Love Psychedelico - This is Love Psychedelico ~U.S. BEST~ [2008]

1) Standing Bird
2) Your Song
3) Everybody Needs Somebody
4) Lady Madonna
5) Fantastic World
6) Unchained
7) My Last Fight
8) Last Smile
9) All Over Love
10) "O"
11) These Days
12) Neverland
13) A Day for You

Newest release from Love Psychedelico! Enjoy and Comment!

Pizzicato Five - Made in USA [1994]

Made in USA

1) I
2) Sweet Soul Revue
3) Magic Carpet Ride
4) Readymade FM
5) Baby Love Child
6) Twiggy Twiggy
7) This Year's Girl #2
8) I Wanna Be Like You
9) Go Go Dancer
10) Catchy
11) Peace Music

Pizzicato Five - The Sound of Music [1995]

The Sound of Music by Pizzicato Five

1) We Love Pizzicato Five
2) Rock 'n' Roll
3) The Night is Still Young
4) Happy Sad
5) Groovy is my Name
6) Sophisticated Catchy
7) Strawberry Sleighride
8) If I Were a Groupie
9) Sweet Thursday
10) CDJ
11) Fortune Cookie
12) Good
13) No. 5
14) Peace Music (St. Etienne Remix)
15) Airplane
16) Rock 'n' Roll

[J Rock/Pop] Yui - Partial Discography

Yui - It's happy line [2004]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1) It's happy line
2) I know

Yui - LIFE [2005]


2) crossroad
3) Tomorrow's way ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4) LIFE ~Instrumental~

Yui - TOKYO [2006]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

3) LIFE ~YUI Acoustic Verstion~
4) TOKYO (Instrumental)

Yui - From Me to You [2006]

1) Merry Go Round
2) feel my soul
3) Ready to love
4) Swing of lie
6) Blue wind
7) I can't say
8) Simply white
9) Just my way
10) Tomorrow's way
11) I know
13) Spiral & Escape


[J-Pop] Mai Kuraki - Diamond Wave

Mai Kuraki - Diamond Wave [2006]

1) Diamond Wave
2) Ready for love
3) Best of Hero
4) Juliet
5) Growing of my heart
6) Aitakute...
7) Hologram
8) State of mind
9) Ima Kimi to Kokoni
10) Cherish the day
11) Voice of Safest Place

Enjoy! Comments are always appreciated! 



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